About Us

Commission free commercial property sales

Believing there was a simpler and fairer way to sell commercial property, we set up Commercial Hub in 2019 to streamline how properties were sold. And we’ve delivered a no fee, no commission system that delivers peace of mind for sellers and buyers.

Our Derby-based team of commercial property experts have worked to create the perfect system for selling commercial property and are passionate about delivering sales for our sellers.

Why use Commercial Hub?

Did we mention that we sell your property commission free? No fees? Well, we do, and we are the only people on the market doing it! Need more reasons to choose Commercial Hub?

Online property auctions offer sellers complete control over pricing, completion dates and bidding to provide flexible sales that also come with guarantees that the sale won’t fall through at the last minute. Our commercial property funding options also give buyers the freedom to make the purchase they need to make.

Also, we are not just about sales, we are on hand to offer independent commercial finance advice, whether it be about a commercial mortgage, bridging loan or any other financial advice you seek, we know our stuff. Our advisers work closely with high street lenders, and alternative lenders, to help find the perfect option for your circumstances including a limited number of accounts, unusual property purchases or a poor credit history.

If our auction route is not right for you, our advisors will also point you in the right direction with honest and professional advice.

With nationwide coverage, but a regional understanding we ensure that each property is heavily publicised both nationally and in the local area, giving maximum exposure to get the best possible price.

Are your property sales really commission-free?

Yes, our property sales are 100% commission free! It’s really that simple. All the costs are charged to the buyer, not the seller. If you want to avoid the industry standard of commissions and fees digging into the profit from your property sales, you need to use Commercial Hub!

If you need to know more about our commercial property auctions you can call one of our dedicated advisors on 01332 504545 or fill out the contact form below. We guarantee to get back to you within one working day.