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Selling commercial property commission free

Try searching Google for commercial property agents that don’t take a commission fee when selling your property. Not finding much are you?

That's because commercial property agents taking between 4% and 10% of the sale price is the way it has always been done and no one has wanted to change things! The reality for businesses wanting to sell commercial property is an agent will make a massive dent in the profits from the sale. In some cases, this can leave the seller with less than they need to make the sale worthwhile.

At Commercial Hub, we’ve decided there needs to be a different way to sell property and that is why we have decided on offering commission free property sales!

Why we are offering commission free commercial property sales

Using the best technology available and a partnership with SDL Auctions, we have created a cost-effective system that has allowed us to remove commission fees for our sells – 100%! That’s right, unlike any other commercial property offer, selling property via Commercial Hub will give you all your final sale price, with the costs going to the buyer.

We do this because we believe that commercial property sales needed to be fairer and more effective for businesses. If you are making a sale to fund business growth or to mitigate financial issues, why should you lose up to 10% of the sale to an agent?

Does this mean you'll be getting less service from Commercial Hub? No, not at all. We offer everything a traditional commercial property agent or auction house does, and more!

Your property will sit alongside our inventory of high-quality properties, you'll be able to set a reserve price and our online property auctions create the most competitive bidding environment possible. Additionally, your property listing will be extensively marketed both nationally and in local areas using our expert knowledge of the property market.

Do commission free property sales sound of interest to you? Speak to one of our team today to get the ball rolling.

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