Commission free commercial property sales

Here at Commercial Hub, we are revolutionising how businesses sell property!

How? There is no commission to pay when selling via our commercial property auctions! That’s right…nothing. No costs to you the seller. It sounds so simple it’s crazy we are the only people doing it…

Our Derby based team has vast experience in the commercial property market and has developed this new quick, cheaper and secure way to sell property. Our pioneering auctions offer nationwide coverage, with localised sales knowledge.

Working in partnership with SDL Auctions, one of the UK’s largest and most successful property auctioneers, we offer a complete range of property auction services. Whatever your circumstances we have the right solution to help you sell property.

Sell your property - quick and securely

We know that selling a property can be a headache that gets in the way of running your business! That’s why we have created a new process that takes the stress out of selling property.

With Commercial Hub you’ll get:

No selling fee

With O%* sales fee on your property sale, you’ll keep 100% of the proceeds!

Secure sales

The buyer will either pay a non-refundable reservation fee or 10% deposit (depending on the type of auction), but either way, you'll know they are committed to the sale. They've put their money down!

Fixed completion date

You are in complete control of the auction method, it’s start date and when it will end, with the added benefit of fixed exchange and competition dates throughout the process.

Set reserve prices

As you can set the reserve price for your property it will never sell for less than you need it to!

Competitive bidding

We’ll generate maximum interest in your commercial property auction by pricing your property correctly. Commercial Hub is built to create the most competitive bidding environment possible and achieve the best price.

A good property inventory

Your property will sit alongside all types of property of the highest quality. Property auctions are not only for run-down buildings or those desperate to sell. Commercial Hub has a wide range of vacant residential and commercial properties, tenanted or investment properties and land development opportunities as well.

Extensive marketing

We want your property to sell – why wouldn’t we? We will market your sale in every way we can. You’ll still get a listing on Rightmove and our own website, as well as your sale being sent out to our list of verified, active buyers. Our partners SDL Auctions will also promote your listing on their website and their huge database of property investors, property dealers and buyers.

In house finance options

Our in-house finance options will help your buyers secure the funding they need to complete a purchase.

*Buyers’ fees apply

Flexible ways to sell

Flexible ways to sell

The circumstance of every property sale is different, and we offer several flexible ways of selling commercial property that will fit your needs, timescales and financial considerations.

Online auctions

Our digital auctions give you complete flexibility over every aspect of your property sale and mean that your buyer will need to commit to the purchase with either a reservation fee or 10% deposit depending on the exact type of auction you choose.

Live in-room auctions

Through our partnership, we hold 40 auctions across the UK each year. If you would prefer to sell via one of our busy auction rooms, we are likely to have one in your region.

More information on auction types:

The traditional auction method will see the buyer exchange contracts at the end of the auction, paying a non-refundable deposit and reservation fee. The purchase is usually completed within 28 days.

Conditional auctions are considered the more flexible auction method. The buyer pays a reservation fee to secure the property and is then given 56 days to exchange contracts and complete. This longer period often appeals to buyers giving them more flexibility in arranging a mortgage and often achieves a higher purchase price.